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We want to take care of our community and its problems, any financial or any other virtues, and the goal is to build a family. The goal is to unite the founders and holders, unlike any other project that has been done before. The aim is to generate maximum utility around our token and have the highest ROI for our holders where they get value from their utility instead of selling their NFTs. We want to assign you an identity that will be with you for a lifetime.

The current problem...

The issue with the current NFT market is the lack of utility and the lack of revenue streams we don't want to be reliant on only web3 revenue streams.
For mass adoption we are firm believers that we need to be relying on web2 revenue streams to be backing our community up, that is one of the many ways COODE will be solving the lack of revenue streams. The aim is to secure our vision and mission. COODE didn't happen overnight, COODE is a lifelong journey. Our way is to build and then announce, not vice versa. That's how we make sure we don't underdeliver.
Exact information regarding our revenue streams has been planned and is ready to be announced.